NURS3131 Trends and Professional Issues in Nursing

NURS3131 Trends and Professional Issues in Nursing

Guideline for writing the individual assignment (75%)

The purposes of this assessment are to assess students’ ability to analyze nursing practice and
professional issues, healthcare policies issues or information technology in healthcare issues in Hong

Achieved learning outcomes:

1. Examine the factors influencing the future directions of nursing practice.
2. Explain the methods for assuring quality in healthcare by nurses and the healthcare team.
3. Examine the challenges in the professional development of nursing in Hong Kong.
4. Compare and contrast different health system models.
5. Analyze the challenges of reforming Hong Kong’s health system.
6. Discuss nurses as agents of quality improvement.
7. Examine the implications of information technology for practice, research and education.
Choose one assignment topic from the following list:
1. Organ donation
2. Imbalance public and private healthcare system
3. Nursing manpower shortage
Template of the comment sheet:
A. Addressing the topic

B. Critical analysis

C. Integration of research evidence

D. Grammar and presentation

E. References

Grade awarded: _______________________
Marker: ______________________________ Date: ______________________
Appendix I

Full and accurate references and referencing according to American Psychological Association
(APA)(6th Ed.) format is required.
For essay assessment criteria, please refer to p.11-12 of the Student Programme Handbook of the
Bachelor of Nursing Programme.
Suggested content of the assignment


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